All I ever wanted is here in the light
All I ever needed shines so bright
All I ever wanted is here in the light
My brightest star in the night

CØLDSTAR are definitely the rising star in the synth-pop sky.

Sonic SeducerGermany

The melancholic vibes, the excellent vocals, the unbeatable danceable quality and the great video by the band themselves, make this release a must-experience for all 'creatures of the night'.

LAST DAY DEAF Music WebzineGreece

The composition of 'I Won't Follow You' is masterful, with great dynamics and variation that never sound too complex. It's a straight forward classic dark wave song.

ELECTROZOMBIES Synthpop MagazineGermany


Extinguished stars, foreign planets and black holes. Places beyond our imagination that arouse longings and invite us to dream. These are the themes that inspire Swiss duo CØLDSTAR.

CØLDSTAR consists of Martin Baumann and Michael Freund, who have another fascination besides their passion for dark and electronic music: space! Inspired by the dark and mysterious side of the universe, the two-piece have created their own aesthetic of danceable melodies and melancholic soundscapes. CØLDSTAR use analog synthesizers and vocoders from bygone eras.

After the release of the EP ‚Coming Home‘ incl. the single ‚I Won’t Follow You‘ this spring, the new single ‚When Night Falls‚ was released on 21 July 2023. The perfect soundtrack for melancholic summer days.


Voyager XL
OB 8
Pro 2
Prophet 5

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