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Dark Wave music from CØLDSTAR – Plastic Magazine (UK)

Plastic Magazine (UK) – Review ‚Sleepless‘

Dark Wave music from CØLDSTAR

Hailing from the city of Bern in Switzerland, the dark wave synth duo CØLDSTAR continue to make an impact as they share their sonic vision. Formed by Martin Baumann and Michael Freund, both instrumentalists and vocalists, the duo draws inspiration from the vastness of outer space, blending danceable melodies with gloomy soundscapes.

The story of CØLDSTAR begins with a shared fascination for space exploration and a deep love for electronic music, leading the duo to cross paths at a seminar for space research. This chance encounter sparked a creative synergy that gave rise to CØLDSTAR, allowing the Swiss musicians to unite their passions and carve a unique niche in the sphere of dark wave music.

Influenced by iconic artists such as Depeche Mode, Covenant, Alphaville, Röyksopp, and Air, CØLDSTAR brings a cosmic dimension to their music. Michael Freund sheds light on the thematic backdrop, expressing, “Dealing with the topic of space and stars helps us to reflect on our own existence and our place in the universe and to see our experiences and emotions in a larger context.”

Having become a staple of the Swiss club scene with their live performances, in 2021 they captured their sound with the debut single “Hurt,” covering the iconic Nine Inch Nails song to reimagine it in their own spacey sound. This year they’ve returned with original material, dropping several singles and a debut EP with the six-track Coming Home release.

Now they bring us their latest work with the brand new single titled “Sleepless,” recorded at Influx Studios between both Bern and Berlin. The mixing and mastering was handled by Slade Templeton, a creative talent who’s also members of the bands Dead Astronauts and Crying Vessel.

Opened by the airy buzz of lofty synth tones, the punch of a kick drum enters to inject energy. The pulse of a bass synth completes the moody groove before the deep, rich vocals enter. Threading soft melodies in the verse, CØLDSTAR crafts a dark and subtly driving synth-driven soundscape before rising up in the chorus with catchy hook-focused leads and an enveloping arrangement of synth textures.

Thematically, “Sleepless” encourages listeners to appreciate the beauty in life, often overlooked in its proximity. It’s a reflection on the importance of patience in recognising and cherishing the profound and touching moments that surround us. At once brooding and melancholic, yet also instilling a hopeful sense of optimism, with their new single, CØLDSTAR serves up an immersive and danceable dark wave experience that’s sure to delight their fans while winning over new listeners around the world.

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All I ever wanted is here in the light / My brightest star in the night