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Discover – Electrozombies, Synthpop Magazin (Germany)

Electrozombies (Germany) – Review

CØLDSTAR – I Won’t Follow You

Alright, buckle up folks because I’ve got a song that will take you on a journey to the bleak and melancholic depths of your soul. CØLDSTAR’s „I Won’t Follow You“ is the perfect track for those grey days where you just want to wrap yourself in a blanket and stare out the window while contemplating the meaning of existence. The song is taken from the EP ‚Coming Home‘

But don’t let the mood fool you, this midtempo dark wave song is still incredibly danceable. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot and swaying to the beat while feeling all the emotions that this song evokes. The synth sounds are hauntingly beautiful and perfectly mixed, creating a sonic landscape that will transport you to another world.

The composition of „I Won’t Follow You“ is masterful, with great dynamics and variation that never sound too complex. It’s a straight forward classic dark wave song that will appeal to fans of ‚Hatif‘ and other similar artists.

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I Won’t Follow You


I Won’t Follow You
Remember, we were strangers yesterday / Today we could change our ways