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Sleepless by CØLDSTAR – Synthpop Your World (Mexico)

Synthpop Your World (Mexico) – Review ‚Sleepless‘

Sleepless by CØLDSTAR

„Now this finding is a very peculiar one, what happens when you blend modern synthpop, synthwave, darkwave, and a deep gothic-infused vocal style? CØLDSTAR; an electronic music duo from Switzerland that excels in this fusion of various electronic styles and imprints an elegant edge in their most recent release: the captivating and evocative ‚Sleepless‘.

First impression is that this is a vanguardist project that firmly seeks to establish a fresh alternative in the extremely competitive modern electronic music scene. The duo skillfully shines with this song, taking some risks in the nuanced mix of dark styles, and ultimately ‚Sleepless‘ achieves a thrilling atmosphere that awakes the listener’s curiosity for more of it.

The core of the track sometimes takes a minimalistic approach usually found on more synthwave tracks, but they manage to stir the wheel more towards synthpop with more classic synth patches and enigmatic melodies, navigating between the styles modestly. We loved the balance between the drums sounds, classic bass sound, and the eerie pads in the chorus, even at times creating the impression that the vocalist is elegantly pleading inside a dark cathedral.

What finally gives the duo’s music a unique character is the obscure and deep tone of the vocals, which in moments are reminiscent of legendary cult bands like Clan of Xymox, And One, and even an earlier Peter Murphy, but recognizing that the band outputs their own original dark and mysterious style.

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